The new Cocktail “Shaker” App is now available.  It is a natural and modern companion to this book. It is available for download from the Rowan Books website The full version contains around 400 recipes including all the drinks in the Cocktails & Kicktails book. It sells for £3.99 and is free to those that have bought the book off the website. The App has lots of useful features:

* Recipes. Find a Cocktails & Kicktails recipe when you don’t have the book with you

* Ingredients. An interactive version of the Cocktails at a Glance ingredients matrix in the book

* Poetry. A selection of amusing poems about the cocktails.

* Shaker.  What can I make ? Enter a few ingredients you have to hand and discover what cocktails you can make with them. Just (cocktail) shake your phone and up pops a recipe. Don’t fancy that ? Shake it again !

* Party Planner. How much do I need ? Work out how much of each ingredient you need to make a particular cocktail for a given number of people