The forthcoming Cocktail “Shaker” App will be available from 1st November, 2021.  It is a natural and modern companion to this book. It is available for download from the Rowan Books website The full version contains recipes for all the drinks in the Cocktails & Kicktails book and over 350 others. It sells for £3.99 and is free to those that have bought the book off the website. The App has lots of useful features:

* Recipes. Find a Cocktails & Kicktails recipe when you don’t have the book with you

* Ingredients. An interactive version of the Cocktails at a Glance ingredients matrix in the book

* Poetry. A selection of amusing poems about the cocktails.

* Shaker.  What can I make ? Enter a few ingredients you have to hand and discover what cocktails you can make with them. Just (cocktail) shake your phone and up pops a recipe. Don’t fancy that ? Shake it again !

* Party Planner. How much do I need ? Work out how much of each ingredient you need to make a particular cocktail for a given number of people