Forthcoming Book by Hugh Stewart

Cocktails & Kicktails by Hugh Stewart will be published on November 1st.  This book contains twenty-three cocktail recipes, each  accompanied by a humorous poem and intriguing back-story.  The book is decorated throughout with beautiful photographs and amusing cartoons and illustrations.  Useful cocktail-making tips are included along with guidance on the ingredients and equipment needed to make the perfect cocktail.  Some rather unorthodox hangover cures are also provided, should they be needed!

The reason for ‘Kicktails’ in title? That answer lies with legendary actress Mae West, one of whose famous lines was: “This kicktail’s got a cock like a mule”. In Hugh’s family, cocktails have always been known as kicktails.

Priced at £13.99, Cocktails and Kicktails will be available through the website and from selected booksellers and wines & spirits shops.