Hugh grew up in the Grampian Mountains of Scotland, in a remote cottage without electricity. It lies just 50 feet below the house that until recently was the highest in the country. Just 20 miles away as the grouse flies, lies Dufftown which has almost as many distilleries as houses. Here, the sought after Balvenie whisky is made from water that flows over the bones of Stewart ancestors. As a boy Hugh loved the stories of people building illicit whisky stills in the glens. These early influences led Hugh down the treacherous path of experimentation, the results of which are described in his new book Cocktails & Kicktails. Making his own whisky remains an ambition but for now Hugh’s sticking with the cocktail shaker.
By profession, Hugh is a wannabe writer and striving sailor. By hobby, and to finance his professions, he is a venture capitalist, an occupation described as someone who pours petrol on to a blazing fire. Bit like mixing cocktails.