Hot Priest Curates Hot New Book as New Hot Currency

Last week Rowan Books hosted the launch party for Hugh Stewart’s Hot new book – Cocktails & Kicktails.  Many kicktails were downed.  Andrew, a vicar friend known as the “Hot Priest”, had booked a table at a nearby restaurant for dinner after for him and three friends.  Somewhat discombobulated by the kicktails they arrived late to find that their table had been given away.  Andrew, showing that gift for convincing others that only religious leaders have, evangelised about Cocktails & Kicktails . This was so effective that he cut a deal with the waitress whereby he traded his copy of Cocktails & Kicktails for a table.  Hot new currency eh ?!

Secure your table, buy the book now !

Hotter than Crypto’s cold winter

Forget Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. First the miners decamped from China to Kazakhstan, now they’re threatened with shutdown because they’re using too much electricity Crypto miners face bitter winter. No need for mining coinage in freezing winter with Cocktails & Kicktails as a currency. It’s much more fun – just mix a Kicktail for you and your pals and have a ball.

A Cool Cocktail for a Hot Currency – how’s about The Gold Rush ?

1.5 parts Bourbon
1 part ginger liqueur
1 teaspoon lime juice
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar syrup
1 maraschino cocktail cherry

Mix and chill in a shaker (unless you’re mining in Kazakhstan in which case you’ll need a blowtorch), garnish with cherry.

Gold Rush Cocktail

Photo Adobe Stock Images

Sound like something from mid 19th Century California but this cocktail was actually invented in 2000 by T.J. Siegal.

A seriously frivolous book – now available, along with its sister App

The above recipe is an extract from Shaker, a brilliant App containing “over 400 cocktail and mocktail recipes in the palm of your hand”. Also handy features that will help you to plan your party with panache. Shaker is a sister to Cocktails & Kicktails – Life-saving Recipes and Rhymes to Lift Body and Soul, a seriously frivolous book of anecdotes, recipes and rhymes, with beautiful photographs and cartoons that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  It is published by Rowan Books and priced at £13.99.   Shaker is downloadable as a stand-alone App for £3.99 or is free if you buy Cocktails & Kicktails from Rowan Books. Learn more from the Rowan Books website.