The President’s Office

Nanking, March 12th/1912.

Dear Mrs. Cantlie,

Your welcome letter of February 18th afforded me great pleasure, and it is indeed a delight to see the familiar handwriting again.

It is true the Tai Ching dynasty is “a thing of the past” but the dethronement of the Manchus does not mean the complete salvation of China.  We have an enormous amount of work ahead of us, and it must be accomplished in order that she may be ranked as a great power among the family of nations.

I thank you for your earnest prayers offered in my behalf.  I am glad to tell you that we are going to have religious toleration in China, and I’m sure that Christianity will flourish under the new regime

I am going to Canton shortly and there try to convert the old city into a new and modern one.

My family is in Nanking with me.  My son will return to America for his education, and I am contemplating sending my elder daughter along with her brother for the same purpose.  If they should come to England I shall ask them to make it a point to call on you and the doctor.

I close this letter with my kindest regards and best wishes to you and Dr. Cantlie, I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Sun Yat Sen.