Dive, Dive, Dive ! Submarines are hot news now.  Have you been watching “Vigil” ?, the OTT BBC drama about murders on a Trident nuclear submarine ? The Channel 5 documentary “Submarine: Life Under the Waves”about a nuclear sub looked like much better viewing because the characters are, well, real. But suddenly in Episode 5 Vigil has got very exciting. It’s like Submarine meets Midsomer Murders – bodies strewn round the boat !  And now the Aussies are going to build a nuclear-powered fleet (shame the alliance wasn’t France, Australia, UK and a half contribution from the US, it would have been FAUKU !).  Soon there’ll be more subs than in a Connecticut Subway outlet (incidentally Subway was originally called Pete’s Super Submarines).  But that’s an aside. Which cocktail for a submarine under water ?

An Under Water Cocktail for a Submarine

There’s only one answer, a Frisky Malt. Not truly a cocktail but a magnificent drink so who cares. Just your favourite malt whisky and a dash or two of water. So the whisky is… yes, you’re there, it is… under water !

photo: Michael Brooks 

Here’s Tae Us !



There is something about a malt whisky
A drink one can sink without guilt
A risky, a frisky malt whisky
Makes you want to cavort in your kilt           
Extract from Cocktails & Kicktails by Hugh Stewart


Skipper and Mate dance a foredeck reel.

photo: Miranda Delmar-Morgan 

Forthcoming Cocktail Book

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