COCKTAILS & KICKTAILS by Hugh Stewart (Published by Rowan Books, Nov 2021)

“This is an engaging and entertaining collection. If some of Hugh’s ‘innovations’ are half as good as his Breachacha Prayer I will abandon Scotch…”
Charles Maclean M.B.E., Master of the Quaich

“An infusion of whimsey garnished with doggerel and a twist of finesse, served long with a splash of savvy. This is a frisky and effortlessly elegant literary concoction highly recommended to all cocktail lovers.”
Henry MacRory, journalist and author

“I write a lot of obituaries and given the amount of burrling, cavorting and generally engaging in hazardous activities described in this marvelous book I may well be writing a few more. But what a way to go, powered into the next world by these delicious rocket fuel concoctions and tickled pink by a barmy rhyme. Cocktails and Kicktails lifts cocktailing to a new art form.”
Sir Maxwell Macleod, polemicist

“Mildly amusing”
Author’s wife