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PRE ORDER – Cocktails & Kicktails


Inspired by a delightfully witty poem by Ogden Nash about a Martini called “A Drink With Something In It”, Cocktails and Kicktails – Life Saving Recipes & Rhymes to Lift Body and Soul contains twenty three cocktail recipes, each accompanied by amusing anecdotes, phenomenal photographs, entertaining illustrations and a poem in the same style. The book is accompanied by an interactive ShakerApp, costing £3.99 but available free if you buy the book from this website, with some 400 recipes for cocktails and alcohol-free “mocktails”, and lots of useful features to make your cocktail party go with a bang.

You can pre-order copies of Cocktails & Kicktails and of the Shaker App – click on the image. Delivery will follow shortly after publication on 1st November.


On November 1st Rowan Books will be publishing Cocktails & Kicktails by Hugh Stewart.  This beautifully illustrated book contains twenty-three cocktail recipes, each accompanied by a humorous poem and back-story behind it’s creation.  Included are tips on ingredients and the cocktail making paraphernalia needed to make the perfect cocktail.  The book ends appropriately enough with some rather unorthodox hangover cures.

The book’s title? One of legendary actress Mae West’s famous lines was: “This kicktail’s got a cock like a mule”. In Hugh’s family, cocktails have always been known as kicktails.

Priced at £13.99, Cocktails and Kicktails will be available to pre-order through the Rowan Books website and from selected booksellers and wine & spirits shops.

SPECIAL OFFER – If you buy the book through the Rowan Books website you will get our Cocktail Shaker App for free (normal price £3.99).

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