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Clive Sinclair Cocktail


Sad to see that Sir Clive Sinclair (“Uncle Clive” to his devotees) passed away last week.  His list of inventions is as long as a bartender’s arm and he was one of the pioneers that made computing personal. He was also known for the C5 electric car - he was almost 40 years ahead of his time. How best to celebrate his colourful life ? With a Sidecar cocktail of course ! Read More ...

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Submarine Cocktail


Dive, Dive, Dive ! Submarines are hot news now.  Have you been watching "Vigil" ?, the OTT BBC drama about murders on a Trident nuclear submarine ? Sort of Submarine meets Midsomer Murders – bodies strewn round the boat !  And now the Aussies are going to build a nuclear-powered fleet (shame the alliance wasn’t France, Australia, UK and a half contribution from the US, it would have been FAUKU !).  What cocktail would you drink under water ? Read More ...

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Chelsea Flower Show Cocktail


Chelsea Flower Show Last Day !  The 2021 message is green, green, green so travel on foot or by bicycle. Think Tom Jones. The Guardian said “a green message for the green-fingered”.  Despite the green theme the bar at the Chelsea Flower Show is the Jardin Blanc (named after Raymond) where there are “exciting cocktails”. What qualifies as an exciting Chelsea Flower Show Cocktail ? How’s about Ryders on the Storm a new cocktail featured in our forthcoming book Cocktails & Kicktails ? Read More ...

Chelsea Flower Show Cocktail2021-11-07T11:30:41+00:00


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