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Sherry The Autobiography of a Springer Spaniel


The life of Sherry the Springer Spaniel who grows up in the Highlands of Scotland and then moves to London.  Sherry has her own personality, emotions and problems, all captured in this book with real insight.  

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Sherry The Autobiography of a Springer Spaniel

Follow the journey of Sherry the Springer Spaniel from her beginning as an insecure puppy through to graceful old age, told in her own words!  Sherry grows up in the Highlands of Scotland and we learn how she overcomes her insecurities and anxieties.  Sherry then has to adjust to living in London as the country mouse becomes a town mouse. We see how Sherry gets on with her owner, other dogs and the family pony and how she recovers from a serious illness and all her other adventures.

This story was originally written for children and has some wonderful illustrations.  However, Sherry’s personality and emotions are captured by Jean with such insight that this book will appeal to animal lovers of all ages.


Calling a children’s book ‘an autobiography’ is a brave move, and in Sherry’s case it works brilliantly. The four-legged narrator has no false modesty about her own good looks and intelligence, but is charmingly honest about her insecurity and the way she reacts to it.  Tony Adams.  The Scottish Countryside Alliance.

The four-legged narrator admits to being somewhat challenging for her owner but had she been a perfectly behaved dog the book would have been a little dull.  Sherry’s tale is an action packed story full of life’s trials and tribulations.  CGA News.

I’d recommend this absolute gem of a book as a present to any junior who has just taken charge of their first dog or is keen to get into dog handling.  Shooting Times.

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