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Why Devolution?


A treatise on the devolution of power from Westminster to Edinburgh.  This is a thoughtful and persuasive work which covers an important and very topical subject.

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Why Devolution?

Anyone with an interest in the political life of Britain will enjoy this treatise on the devolution of political power from Westminster to Edinburgh.  Jean Cantlie Stewart’s passion for Scotland led to an interest in politics and the writing of this book.  She stood for parliament in the constituency of Kirkcaldy which later became famous as the seat of Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Principles, Arguments and Historical Perspective

Jean outlines the general principles and arguments for devolution and describes the Scottish historical perspective. Proposals for change in the present system are outlined in detail. A wide range of Scottish topics in relation to devolution are covered including the judiciary, administrative law, land tenure, education, culture, the economy and government.  This is a thoughtful and persuasive work which covers an important and very topical subject.

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