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The Sea Our Heritage


The rise and decline of Britain as a leading maritime nation is described in detail.  In this book Jean makes the argument for a strong British Royal Navy to secure the seas for convoy and amphibious operations and for a large British Merchant marine.

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The Sea Our Heritage

The rise and decline of Britain as a maritime nation is described in this well-researched work.  The book traces the development of the Merchant and Royal Navies, fishing industry, the ship building and repairing industries and the maritime invisibles based around the square mile of the City of London.


The decline starts with the repeal of the Navigation Acts and a misguided faith in European and American fair play. The economic impact of two world wars left Britain bankrupt, hungry and in debt. Generous America re-capitalised former enemies and conquered allies were debt free. Britain lost trade markets worldwide when she joined the EEC. Work practices in the modern world on the British shipbuilding industry also had a detrimental effect.

A Timely Reminder

It provides a timely reminder of why the Royal and Merchant Navies are so important to the safety and prosperity of the United Kingdom.  Its message has a poignant resonance today as Britain wrestles with the likely consequences of Brexit.  Jean’s message is clear.  The British people must continue to trade throughout the world and sail into distant seas with confidence and hope.


A blockbuster of a book that needs to be read as widely as possible.  Captain Richard Sharpe. Jane’s Fighting Ships.

Send a copy to your MP for Christmas but be sure to keep a copy for yourself.  Deep Singh. The Baltic.

A monumental record, which stands on its own as a unique history of many features of our maritime heritage.  A plea for the British to learn from history.  Captain John Houghton. The Marine Observer.

This book is the product of close research and excels by quoting events in our sea story as relevant today as they were centuries ago.  For the few still engaged in one or other of the elements of sea power this book should be compulsory reading.  Vice Admiral Sir Louis Le Bailly. The RUSI Journal.

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